Here are some information packs for Past , present and Future patients to read.

All the files are in pdf. format some files have a lot of pictures and hence can be slow to download , they all work so please be patient and wait .


Ankle Instability.pdf


Ankle pain.pdf


Anterior Knee Pain


Dos and Donts of Sports injuries.pdf


Elbow Arthroscopy Patient Guide.pdf




Frequently Asked Questions about your Anaesthetic.pdf


Glucosamineand Chondroitin Sulfate for Osteoarthritis of the Knee.pdf




Hip arthroscopy patient Guide.pdf


Information on Microfracture.pdf


Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Patient.pdf


Knee-Arthroscopy Patient Guide.pdf


M Shah Ankle Arthroscopy Patients Guide.pdf


M Shah Carpal tunnel Patient Info.pdf


M Shah Dupuytren's Patient information Pack.pdf


M Shah Scaphoid Information Pack.pdf


M Shah Shoulder Injection.pdf


M Shah Trigger Finger Information Pack.pdf


Meniscal Injury.pdf


Meniscal Repair.pdf


New Hip Guide.pdf


Nice hip arthroscopy.pdf

Patient Guide Elbow Replacement.

Patient Guide Shoulder replacement


Patient information Tennis and Golfers Elbow.pdf

Post Impingement Elbow


Preparing for surgery.pdf


Resurfacing Shoulder.pdf

Shoulder Fracture


Shoulder General exercises.pdf


shoulder jt patient.pdf


Shoulder-Arthroscopy patient guide.pdf


Sports Hernia.pdf

Stiff Elbow


Tennis And Golfers Elbow.pdf


TK Shoulder block patient protocol.pdf


Trochanteric Bursitis.pdf


Viscosupplementation for Osteoarthritis of the Knee.pdf


Wrist Arthroscopy Discharge Instructions.pdf



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