M Shah FRCS FRCS Tr & Orth

Upper Limb Arthroscopy & Shoulder Surgery

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My Mission

The Littleaston Orthopaedic And Soft tissue Service (OASIS )clinic/service  was established in 2006 to provide patient focused care and clinical excellence in dealing with all conditions of shoulder Upper Limb and sports injuries. I provide a comprehensive service using well established and proven techniques. Arthroscopic (keyhole surgery), reconstructive and joint replacement surgery are performed to the highest of standards with great emphasis placed on regular auditing and assessment of clinical outcomes.

Diseases of the knee and shoulder are extremely common and span the entire age spectrum. Similarly, sport has become a way of life to most individuals and it is not surprising to see an increasing rate of joint injuries as a result of sport.


Specialised sports clinics have been well established in North America, Continental Europe, Australia and South Africa and the aim of this clinic is to provide a complete service, encompassing diagnosis, treatment and appropriate rehabilitation.


In order to provide appropriate and effective treatment of such conditions, there is a need for Consultant Surgeons with a high degree of specialisation, experience and clinical expertise. Having such international experience and training my aim is to provide my patients with the highest standards of clinical care.

Conditions Treated

All acute, chronic and traumatic conditions of the Upper Limb Shoulder Elbow, Knee and Hip as well as sports injuries are treated at the OASIS Clinic. These include fractures, acute and chronic ligament injuries as well as arthritic conditions of the Shoulder, Elbow,  Knee  and Hip.

OASIS will provide care to the highest standards ensuring friendly, professional and comprehensive treatment. Facilities include state of the art x-ray, MRI, CT scanning as well as physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Rigorous auditing and outcome scoring ensures the delivery of high quality care at all times.

The operating theatres are fully equipped with the latest equipment providing patients with advanced healthcare. There is a 24 hour medical cover as well as excellent patient facilities including on suite rooms with satellite television, restaurant services and complimentary parking making ones Hospital stay easy, comfortable and least distressing.


Mr Shah specialises in the surgical management of shoulder, elbow Upper limb  knee and sports injuries. He holds NHS posts at the Manor Hospital Walsall. He also runs the in-house orthopaedic training programme and contributes to undergraduate medical teaching at the Manor Hospital Walsall and for the Trainees of West Midlands

He is fully trained in Trauma and Orthopaedics and over and above his regular training he has completed  3 advanced surgical fellowships in Shoulder, Elbow ,Hands  and Sports surgery. He offers complete soloution for management of complex shoulder elbow and wrist management.He is experienced in treating  athletes and sports teams and currently is Honorary club surgeon to the Walsall Cricket Club. He is also carrying out state of the art practise in early arthritis with Stem cell treatment. (PRP).

NHS Practice

I have an arthroplasty list on Monday and an all day list on Tuesday, which has a designated anaesthetist all day.


This is an efficient use of theatre as I operate all day with staggered breaks for the team. We mange to do 8-9 cases in a day depending on the nature of case mix.


Jan 2015 - 85% day cases and help meet national targets for changing practice.


I provide arthroscopic service for the upper limb and lower limb, and to date average 150 shoulder arthroscopic procedures per year.


 My all day list has been looked at in detail and is the basis of the LEAN SIGMA THEATRE SCHEDULING PROGRAMME.


I also do joint replacement work in upper and lower limb.


I provide a comprehensive trauma service with dedicated interest in upper limb trauma and complex fractures that require ring fixators.


I provide a comprehensive care to my peers on upper limb complex trauma. I also am available on Monday and Friday PM to operate on the trauma list if and when needed to do complex upper limb trauma.


I have an Orthopaedic clinic on Wednesday Am and I have a soft tissue clinic on Thursday pm with an extended scope practitioner.


I also Have a Fracture clinic and Post Op follow up clinic on Friday am.


My NHS Contact number is 01922721172 ext 7699 Via My Secretary or I am Available via the switch Board.